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"Hi. I'm a child, adolescent, and adult psychologist, parent / teacher trainer, and father of two wonderful sons, Jeremy and Jesse. I've been working in the mental health field since 1980, and am happily married to Caryn - my best friend, confidante, and capable colleague since 1986. I've been parenting since 1989, and listening and learning from kids for as long as I can remember. I created Parent Coaching Cards with help from many kids dealing with problems at home, school, and with friends. Different scenarios such as being teased, overreacting, not cooperating, blaming others, and being inflexible, often contributed to the tough times they faced. But kids don't want long lectures from parents. Instead, they want simple and sensible ways to make things better. Parents told me they wanted practical parenting tools that would appeal to kids. Teachers said they wanted a kid-friendly system to solve behavior problems at school quickly. If you're a kid, think of Parent Coaching Cards as tools to keep your life running smoothly. If you're a parent, these cards provide a game plan to guide children toward social and emotional success. If you're an educator or other professional, these cards help kids solve real life problems. Our Parent Coaching Package includes cards, coloring book, and instruction packet. My hope is that your search for practical answers just got a little easier."
- Dr. Steven Richfield

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We speak to parents, teachers, and corporate employees about our parent and classroom coaching model. Email us to inquire about presentations for your group. In most cases, training sessions with Dr. Richfield can be arranged.

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